After a significant number of vocal clients expressed interest in learning to write their own songs, and some in learning how to record / produce their own demos at home we now offer this tuition as service also.

Gareth Henderson has worked with studio technology for over 30 years. He’s also worked in Pro Audio Sales, selling studio tech to major artists and studios, but crucially, he has lectured in Music Technology and Music Industry Practices for sixth form colleges. He knows the hardware, the software, the processes and he knows how to explain things to others.

As a songwriting mentor, his tuition is not delivered as music theory but as practical structures for crafting hooky, engaging songs.

Having helped Birdy with songwriting from before she had her first publishing deal through to when she was recording her second album, and working with Michael and Anthony Hannides (who wrote Zayn Malik smash Pillowtalk) and Tom Mann (Lewis Capaldi, Tate McRae, Tory Sivan, Mimi Webb co-writer) when they were fresh out of school, he is very experienced in helping develop and nurture talent.

Some singers come to us to record their first ever song, and many will need help with writing them, which is something we are very happy to do. An initial idea and a willingness to try is often all that is needed to kick the process off.
For more experienced songwriters, it’s often great to have a seasoned ear to reflect on the songs and to offer alternatives to stretch and grow their capabilities. We can help with everything from lyrics, melodies, chord choices, harmonies, arrangements, instrument choices and of course things like mixing and mastering, all as part of the session.

tim claxton

“Gareth has truly improved every aspect of my music, from my singing at the core of it all, to my ability to produce my own demos to a standard I didn’t think was possible.”

charli rose smith

Charli is a young singer / songwriter and Gareth has helped her release 5 songs so far. From Charli giving her idea of a song with the lyrics and piano, Gareth makes her music into a masterpiece in my opinion and anyone who hears her songs!
The first two songs they created together helped her win WA Junior Country Artist of the year 2023. She was recently nominated Top 5 in the WAM (West Australian Music) awards and was the youngest and only girl in the category (15-18yr olds). (Alison Smith)


Half Day studio sessions (4 Hours) are $440.

Individual hours are charged at the same rate as vocal lessons – $120 per hour.