reviews from some of our clients


“I have worked with Gareth since I won the Open-Mic competition when I was twelve. He recorded my first ever professional demos and helped me to get the very best, not only out of the recording process but also from my voice. He is also coaching me on how to protect my voice, which is a crucial part of any professional singer’s development. You will struggle to find a better engineer/producer and voice coach. The atmosphere there inspires people to do their best and Gareth knows exactly what is needed to make your recordings sound wonderful. He recognises people’s skills and gets the best from them. If you are thinking of working with music and love voice then you should come and try this wonderful new studio.
I recorded many of the demos for my album with Gareth including my song, ‘Without A Word’, which was then used in the final produced track. It’s a song that is very special to me as it is the first of my own work to be featured on the album.
Gareth is someone who makes you feel completely at home in the studio. He is probably one of the best Logic engineers in the country, meaning that he will always find a way to make the best of your ideas. I’m sure that you will love working with him as much as I do!”

When she was just 12 years old, Birdy won a national talent contest that was sponsored by Gareth Henderson’s studio. Her prize was studio time with Gareth to record here first EP. Her wise father, Rupert, suggested that instead of coming in for a week to simply record the EP, Birdy would instead have a day occasionally, so that Gareth could comment on what she had done so far and set her challenges and tasks to expand what she was currently achieving with songwriting and singing.

Over a period of many months, her early demos were recorded and it was one of these early demos that allowed her to secure her first industry contract.

As her record company took her around the world to various famous producers and studios, Birdy would still return to Gareth to work on the challenging vocals. Legendary producer Rich Costey even watched one of these recording sessions and commented “It was wonderful having an ear in on your session, your expertise and talent was impressive. Hope to work with you again.”

When Birdy has recorded overseas, Gareth continues to work with her over Skype, preparing her for delivering her best vocal and when she can make it to his studios, recording her in person, 6 years after recording her for the first time.

Sash Seabourne

Sash Seabourne impressed the judges and the nation with his performances on the 2023 season of Australian Idol. The singer /songwriter has worked hard with Gareth to prepare his songs from the show. He had this to say about the experience:

“A few months working with Gareth have allowed me to take the biggest steps forward with vocal technique in my entire career. He has helped crack the code on songs I’d never have attempted beforehand, and helped me develop a ritual of daily vocal practice and maintenance. I can hear the progress in vocal takes both live and in the studio, Gareth’s techniques have become an integral part of my life as a working musician.”

“I first came to Gareth in 2021 with some vocal issues that I wanted ironed out and his help very quickly and naturally moved into other areas of the songwriting process, particularly the recording and production aspects. In the two years that I have been working with him, I have been able to go from being a hobbyist songwriter who had never recorded anything to releasing a number of professional tracks.

Gareth has helped me improve my songs and songwriting in specific areas and as a whole, while always being incredibly supportive and constructive. He has helped me get the most out of my own recording set up and his technical knowledge is remarkable. Any issues have always been met with a solution.

As someone who had never mixed a song or used a DAW before, I am amazed by how much I have improved as a producer since starting with Gareth. I am constantly, whether explicitly or just through watching him work, picking up tips and advice on achieving different, interesting sounds and, most importantly, on finding a signature sound for myself. But throughout this flurry of new and exciting knowledge, he has always encouraged me to keep the unique qualities of my own music.

Gareth has truly improved every aspect of my music, from my singing at the core of it all, to my ability to produce my own demos to a standard I didn’t think was possible in the time that I’ve been working with him. He is incredibly supportive of my journey while always finding ways for me to improve, and always having the resources to help me get better.”

Ani Karu

“I’ve been working with Gareth for around 8 years now, in various areas, including with vocal coaching, writing, producing and recording original music, and video recording for other endeavours. When we first met, I was 13 and looking to create my own music and start a career in the industry, but without any concrete idea of how to do so.
Through our lessons, he taught me to song-write, produced several of my songs and got my mum and I started on how to manage some of the other business aspects as well. He also is my vocal coach, and through him and his lessons my voice is what it is today. He is an excellent teacher and is always patient and very funny, and he can explain concepts in whatever terms he needs to meet you where you are. He helped me create songs which went on to be recognised by WAM and other music prizes, helped create a soundtrack for the short film, Marli, and I have subsequently had songs played on multiple radio and TV stations.
He has been a huge part of my journey, both in music and in life, and I am very grateful to have met and had the privilege of working with him all these years.”

charli rose smith

“Gareth is is a true mastermind when it comes to creating and producing music. He has been working with my daughter Charli for over a year and they have already accomplished so much. Charli is a young singer / songwriter and Gareth has helped her release 5 songs so far. From Charli giving her idea of a song with the lyrics and piano, Gareth makes her music into a masterpiece in my opinion and anyone who hears her songs! He has been working alongside her on her latest song, teaching HER how to produce her own music and help with the production of the song, rather than her just singing and giving a few ideas.

The first two songs they created together helped her win WA Junior Country Artist of the year 2023. She was recently nominated Top 5 in the WAM (West Australian Music) awards and was the youngest and only girl in the category (15-18yr olds).

Gareth has become a very big part of Charli’s life and her music, giving her the encouragement, vocal assistance and production abilities that she needs to create her music and try make a pathway in the industry. He continues to be such a positive role model for her and gives her so much confidence in her singing ability and also guidance for her future music career. Our sessions are always fun / funny and not stressful in any way. It’s one of my favourite days to regularly sit in and watch the two of them work together!  We are so grateful to have found Gareth and VocalTech Studios. I highly recommend him and his vocal teachings / record production to anyone! He brings a wealth of knowledge to each session!”

Alison Smith

beth railton

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Gareth’s help in recording and producing my songs. His extensive knowledge of various recording techniques has helped me achieve the sound I desire, and bring my music to life. Not only has he provided excellent technical support for my singing, but he has also given invaluable advice regarding my songwriting. His insight and musical expertise have truly improved my craft and helped me to grow as an artist.

Gareth’s genuine enthusiasm for music is inspiring, making every session an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend his services to anyone who is serious about elevating their music to the next level. Thank you, Gareth, for your unwavering support and outstanding contributions to my work! “

Peter Saul – “Les Miserables” – Vocal Lessons

“I started lessons with Gareth when I was 15 years old. In the 8 years I studied vocal techniques with the school, I shaped the voice that has taken me from school boy, through gigging singer, studio vocalist, touring performer and now to roles in the West End. What I learnt was invaluable and is still helping me today. The best part is when they need to be, they can work on a highly sophisticated level, but in my case they were able to make it all seem so simple, which turned me from an average club singer to a West End leading man. For that I am forever grateful.”

Peter Saul – Jean Valjean, Lead role in London’s West End production of “Les Miserables”


“I had been looking for a small studio not only with the latest state of the art equipment but the right vibe…
I met its owner and engineer Gareth Henderson and he was just so relaxed and unpretentious and I liked that straight off! He really listened to my concept and seemed passionate to listen to the demos. He uses the Apple Mac computer and Logic Pro recording software which he knows inside out!..his technical understanding is second to none!
My project was quite eclectic in its sounds from Jazz to Soft Soul and even an African track and G helped me get an excellent contemporary feel on each track brilliantly. G is constantly updating his studio. In fact his experience in recording and arranging was so high that I have credited him as Co-producer of my new album because of his generous input to my recording experience with him.
I loved this sanctuary…I loved its vibe…maybe its because Gareth is so passionate for his work and the artist…he gives way over 100% and its so cool because passion and giving leads to a great work and a contentedness irrespective of your budget”

I CONFESS I WAS AS NERVOUS AS ANYONE singing again! BUT…when I heard that Gareth was a maestro at teaching singing I should have felt more relaxed! In fact I felt nervous as anyone at going into the recording process again after such a long break. I had no need to be though…Gareth isn’t interested so much in your sound as he is in you…this is such a huge psychological lift for any singer…it says “I am not attempting to turn you into any other singer other than who you are…I want to help you learn to express yourself and not any other person”. GOOD RULE! With G, nothing is impossible…in a relatively short time he had made me relaxed and encouraged me to want to sing my heart out!
I found myself achieving vocal ideas and styles that I never had the confidence to try previously….I was able to bring performance, depth and emotion into my work like never before. Never say “I just can’t do it”- to Gareth, its red rag to a bull….we had some hilarious moments together as he taught me how to reach top notes and low bass notes for harmony parts sometimes just by the shaping of my face! Learning speech through songs developed my phrasing and timing and breathing techniques allowed me to really bring deeper mood control to the lyrics.
The techniques used for the voice are tried and tested by professionals and they work because the teachers work with you, for you. Not everyone is a Yazz or a Gareth, a Coldplay or Joss Stone…and that’s the point, we are each given a gift of being individuals and the techniques Gareth’s school uses develops just that. I begged him to come out to Spain but that’s another story!….watch this space…….!”

Yazz is kind of a legend. There are few people over 25 who have not danced to her 80’s world wide smash “The Only Way is Up”. It’s even been paraphrased into the title of a hit TV program (The Only Way Is Essex).
She took herself away from the music industry for many years, moving to Spain and immersing herself in her new found Christianity.
When she decided that it was time to record again, she was looking for someone who could help her capture all the funky soulfullnes that her music had always embodied but with a respect for her value and sensitivity to her position – returning to the studio after many years was going to be nerve -racking. After an introduction from a mutual friend, Yazz and Gareth hit it off and so began a long process of pre-producing, then recording the album.
Gareth will always be proud of what they all acheived with the complicated recording but for him, one achievment stands out the most.
Right at the beginning of process, Yazz introduced Gareth to her 15 year old daughter, Rio. Yazz informed Gareth that Rio had a beautiful voice but that he would never get her to sing in front of him because she was too shy……

Rich Costey – Recording Studio

“It was wonderful having an ear in on your session, your expertise and talent was impressive. Hope to work with you again.”

Rich Costey – Producer/Mixer for Muse, Franz Ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, Rage Against The Machine, Fiona Apple, Foo Fighters & Birdy.

Mark Hill – Award Winning Producer – Recording Studio

“It was seeing and hearing what could be done at Gareth’s studio that convinced me to have Gareth update my studio set up to match, and to move over to Logic Pro software. I’ve brought in successful singers and writers that have worked in top studios and they always comment on how great the set up is there.”

Mark Hill is the winner of four Ivor Novello awards, producer of albums that have sold in excess of 12 million copies. As half of the original “Artful Dodger”and songwriting partner and producer of Craig David, Mark knows a thing or two about music and studios.

Mark Hill – Vocal Lessons

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredible singers over the years like Craig David, Corrine Bailey Rae and Lemar, so opening my mouth to sing ideas for melody lines in front of people like that can be pretty intimidating! I’d known about Gareth for some time because he had taught some of the session vocalists I’d used in my studio and I’d always been impressed by their standard, so he seemed the logical choice to contact. The lessons I had with him were really useful but also a lot of fun. The incredible enthusiasm he has for the art of teaching singing and for getting the best from any individual’s voice is infectious. I’m looking forward to going back for more soon”

Mark Hill, Multi platinum selling producer and winner of 4 Ivor Novello awards

Charlie Burdle – Vocal Lessons

“We saw the improvement in her singing immediately as she gained confidence almost overnight, knowing she was being trained to use her voice in the correct way. Since having her lessons she has been able to achieve leads in her vocal group and performed her solo parts on stage at professional venues.
Charlie’s recent school report described her as “a star” and every teacher made a comment on her growing confidence within her peer groups. All down to the fact that she has been able to build on her ability to do what she loves, sing. The fact that she spent her 12th birthday in the recording studio with Gareth producing her own CD of 5 songs speaks for itself. As her parents, we are thrilled with the high standard of teaching, the commitment and especially the continuous enthusiasm shown to Charlie and all that she has achieved because of this.”

Allie & Colin Burdle – Parents of Student

Ethan Hodges

“Working with Gareth at Vocaltech has completely transformed my musical journey. Through our sessions, I have gained a wealth of knowledge and skills that have significantly enhanced my understanding of music and production. Gareth’s expertise, mentoring, and meticulous approach as a teacher have been invaluable in my growth as a musician. He has been patient, supportive and passionate about guiding me every step of the way.

I believe I am a better song writer because of Gareth. His insightful guidance, creative input, and constructive feedback have helped me to develop a unique style and voice as a songwriter. He has encouraged me to explore different musical genres and experiment with various techniques, resulting in songs I never thought I could create.

What sets Gareth apart is his dedication to his students’ success. Despite my initial lack of instrumental skills, Gareth went above and beyond to assist me with my projects and taught me some valuable skills.

For anybody with an idea or a passion, I wholeheartedly recommend contacting Gareth at Vocaltech. His expertise, commitment, and genuine enthusiasm for music will inspire and motivate you. Working with Gareth has been a fun experience and I can confidently say that my journey as a musician would not be the same without his guidance. Take that first step, get in touch with Gareth and enjoy music.”