Elevate Your Voice: Tailored Voice Lessons for Every Aspiring Vocalist

Vocal Coaching Method – What makes us different?

The long version is written in full below, but if you are in a hurry – here’s the bullet point version!

  •  Tuition that’s tailored to YOUR needs – whether that’s range, breathing, your “break”, tone, vibrato, style, pitching, projection, eliminating strain…
  • Tried and tested methods used by more than 120 Grammy Award Winners (including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Kelly Clarkson, Luther Vandross, Josh Groban, Michael Bolton, Justin Timberlake)
  • You are given things to do that make changes happen!
  • Benefit from the best on-going research into Voice Science and Vocal Technique
  • Years of experience in live performance and studio recording
  • Modern, fully equipped tuition studios.

When you go looking, you’ll find there are a lot of voice teachers out there. Most sincerely believe that they are offering good advice to their students and almost all have put a decent amount of study into their own singing… That was how VocalTech principal Gareth Henderson started out – a singer who had realised his voice needed work and took lessons to solve his problems.

If a singer studies their own problems enough, then they should end up with a good set of strategies for solving them – at least for people who have the same problems as them…and the same learning styles…

This is where most voice teachers fall down. If their only study has been the study of THEIR voice, it’s hard to know what they can do with YOUR voice.

A few years into a busy teaching career, Gareth discovered that there was a huge amount more to teaching voice than he knew and started all over again – studying a method devised by the most successful voice teacher of all time – Seth Riggs. That one teacher has over 120 Grammy Award winning pupils and his method has proved itself time and time again as not only incredibly efficient with all voice types, but also as one of the safest methods available for rehabilitating damaged voices.

Studying this method to become a certified teacher involved regular testing to ensure that quality tuition was being delivered. But that’s not where it ends….
Dedicated Voice researchers like the world renowned expert Ingo Titze have shown that although these methods are hugely efficient, there is still more to learn in order to push the boundaries of modern vocal tuition. Research by him and other leading voice researchers and vocal health experts has been (and still is being) added to the training of a worldwide organisation of great teachers called “Vocology In Practice”. (Vocology is the name given to Vocal Science.)

Gareth Henderson is one of the relatively small number of Vocology in Practice Authorised Instructors in the world and he believes passionately in the strength of the method.

Find out more about Vocology In Practice here

The Old Kind of Singing Lesson…

If you ever had one of those singing lessons where a teacher just listened to what you sang and then told you if it was good or bad and what you needed to improve – without offering you suggestions of what changes you can make that will cause it to improve – well those are the kind of lessons we don’t want you to have. Often you KNOW what’s not good – but you can’t change it. Even if you don’t know and being told is a revelation, some guidance on a plan to fix it should be the least you can expect – right?

Vs The new Kind Of Singing Lesson…

Teachers need to know how to analyse a singers voice to see what unhelpful tendencies they have and then prescribe a system of exercises that help build better habits – and they need to do this without the pupil having to understand the problem. – The teacher simply asks them to sing something that will help.
The pupil is not expected to know how to achieve a desired result – just to do what is asked of them and for THAT to produce the result.

The Rest

But a great tuition method is only a part of the picture (agreed – it’s a BIG part!)
There is also the art of teaching. Different people learn in different ways and the same information sometimes needs to be delivered differently to suit each pupil. We understand that – and have studied these different approaches through formal training in simply “teaching”.

And the learning environment – We have a state of the art teaching facility. Spacious, air conditioned, acoustically treated and equipped with microphones, PA systems, monitor speakers and recording facilities so you can learn in situations that mirror those in which you will need to perform.

How about simply “artistry”? How to sing in a way that makes people care? It’s been over 30 years since Gareth appeared in his first professional performance as a lead vocalist. Add 25 years experience as a studio producer and 25 years as a vocal coach and there is a serious amount of knowledge that he can draw on to bring out the best in your voice.

It can be daunting trying to choose a school to bring out the best in your voice but your voice is a delicate instrument and can not be replaced as easily as a damaged guitar or violin. Trust your voice or the voice of your child to someone who has the knowledge, training and desire to protect it, challenge it and get the best from it.

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“A few months working with Gareth have allowed me to take the biggest steps forward with vocal technique in my entire career.”


Vocal Lessons

Vocal Lessons with Studio Principal Gareth Henderson are $120 per One hour lesson.