gareth henderson

Gareth began his vocal career as a professional vocalist nearly 40 years ago, appearing at a London venue whilst still in school..

He has appeared on the BBC and other major UK TV channels, performed in thousands of professional gigs and graced the stages of many major theatres and concert venues including London’s West End and public festivals, with audiences of around 70,000.
Having spent a good number of years as a lead vocalist in a variety of original “Pop” bands and having the usual near misses with a number of major labels, he took the very common step of moving his vocal skills into the predictable area of covers bands. He spent an enjoyable number of years earning an income this way, but it was during this time he noticed problems with his voice and sought help with finding solutions – so beginning a fascination with vocal tuition.

After extensive vocal studies, he resolved the significant issues with his voice and he was encouraged by his vocal coach to launch a new teaching business of his own. This took off immediately and within months he was arguably the busiest private vocal coach in the South of England. The unexpected success drove a need for employing and training new teachers and it was this need that caused Gareth to search for a proper training system for vocal coaches.

His search brought him to the techniques of the world’s most successful contemporary vocal teacher – Seth Riggs- who clients include 120 Grammy award winners (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban, Luther Vandross and Michael Bolton to name a few).

Having studied this technique under some of the best Vocal Teachers in the world, including Seth himself, Gareth gained a huge respect for the level of knowledge and study required to help the entire range of voices, rather than simply the ones similar to his own, and also the importance of studying how best to TEACH singing rather than just how to sing. After a good number of years teaching this technique, Gareth choose to expand his training further, with an international network of like minded teachers who constantly augment their initial studies of vocal teaching with input from the world’s leading voice researchers, and supporting each other with a wealth of shared experience.

You can learn more about this network – Vocology in Practice – at this website :

Gareth has been very fortunate across his 25 year teaching career to work with a huge range of abilities, including some outstanding singers. His clients have included numerous gigging singers, singer/songwriters, lead vocalists from bands, West End Musical Theatre leads (Jean Valjean – Les Miserables) and award winning, international chart topping contemporary vocalists as well as many voice teachers, including two that now have one of the most followed Vocal Tuition podcasts on the internet – The Naked Vocalist.

He has worked with Platinum selling young singer/songwriter “Birdy” since she was just 12 years old, recording her initial demos, including the ones that secured her first professional deal, and working on the next 2 albums.
In fact, during the recording of the 2nd album, in addition to the work Gareth did with her in the UK, he would also “warm her up” for her recording sessions in Los Angeles, over Skype.

His recording experience included building 5 professional recording studios, teaching music production in High Schools, supplying recording equipment to major famous artists and recording a simply HUGE range of projects from the obvious (songwriters and bands) through to TV voice overs, Radio ads and speech commands for digital radio systems.

All this history may perhaps sound quite daunting but one of Gareth’s proudest claims is still that many of his regular clients would describe him as “silly”…in a good way.